Just a poll

Just a poll tries to raise awareness of alternative voting methods and it is in fact inspired by a novel voting method for constructive decision-making called Janecek Method (D21), named after its creator, a Czech mathematician Karel Janeček.

Why is it good?

  • It finds the widest possible common consensus
  • It prevents people from avoiding their preferred option in fear of a lost vote
  • It reveals controversional options
  • It is easy and intuitive

In Just a poll voters have two positive and one negative votes in order to arrive at a better conclusion. One positive vote is required while other votes are completely optional. Second positive vote becomes available once a poll has at least 3 options and a negative vote becomes available once a poll has at least 4 options. The negative vote can be used only if both positive votes are used. The sum of the votes determines the result of the poll.

There are no user accounts, anyone can create a poll and anyone with whom you share the poll can vote. Everybody can vote once, but please note that as the vote is anonymous and on the internet, this cannot be 100 % enforced.

Just a poll is perfect for making better decisions with colleages, friends, on conferences, and so on. Created by and operated by Petr Stříbný.

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